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Welcome to Trimmings & Accessory Distributors
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Why Choose DFS?

  • Superior European modular state of the art printing machinery – only 2 of its kind in South Africa
    • Disperse Dye sublimation digital printing
    • Reactive Dye Ink Jet printing
  • High quality print definition – sharper images – up to 1400DPI – complicated and intricate designs can be achieved
  • State of the art pre and post printing processes – resulting in improved colour yield and fastness, reduced fabric distortion and creasing
  • More flexibility and freedom with print repeats and pattern sizes
  • Limitless gambit of colours to choose from
  • Eco friendly printing process – reduced water pollution and reduced effluent disposal
  • Quick turn around time – 1 day up to a max of 10 days
  • No minimums – shorter run lengths – resulting in:
  • Unique designs to end user
  • Increased creativity
  • Quick adaption to changing trends
  • Stock holding of base fabrics
  • Competitive pricing

Designs / Graphics

Any design can be provided to our technical team.

The design needs to be provided in a digital format that can be read by the Print software (Ergosoft RIP).

The artwork must be supplied as RGB Tiff, PDF 1,3 or Jpeg format – at a minimum of 150DPI print size for the best printing results.

All artwork designs must be repeated with 100% accuracy for seamless printing and continuity of the design motives.


  • Triacetate
  • Mesh
  • Microactive
  • Warp Knit Linings
  • Pocketing
  • Denim
  • Twill


  • Crochet knitted
  • Woven Jacquard Elastic
  • Printed Elastic